Join our community focused on fitness for older adults At Center 50+.

DR. Raj Pusuluri, PT, DPT teaches an orientation class at Center 50+ that focuses on a holistic approach to individual needs. In this class, you will learn how to warm up, what exercises are safe for your condition, at what intensity and resistance you need to workout to gain heart health and musculoskeletal conditioning,  what safety measures to take to avoid injury, how to cool down, and more.


An older adult performing strength training exercises at home with dumbbells, a stability ball, and a yoga mat

Age is Just a Number!

Training for National Senior Games

Stay Active, Stay You!

Together with Center 50 Salem Oregon, we’re here to help you reach your fitness goals and feel your best. No matter your age or current abilities, we can design a plan to address any limitations and keep you moving with confidence.

Feeling stronger and more energized

We’ll work with you to improve your mobility and fitness, all at your own pace.

Doing the things you love

Whether it’s gardening, playing with grandkids, or simply taking the stairs with ease, we’ll help you stay active and independent.

A supportive community

Make new friends, share experiences, and have fun while reaching your goals together.

Join us at Center 50 Salem Oregon and rediscover the joy of an active life!

How to get up from the floor after a fall?


Download All Safety Class Materials

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Free Visit Includes

  • Screening of Mobility impairments
  • Weakness
  • Fall Risk
  • and general recommendations.

HWY Physical Therapy at Center 50 Salem, Oregon.


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