About Raj's Work History

I have completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree from India, and a Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Utah. 15+ years of work experience treating patients with various therapy-related medical issues in NY, WA, & OR.

Over the years, I have gained extensive experience treating patients with joint and muscle pain, various orthopedic conditions, joint replacement rehab, and neurological conditions, including stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and more I am passionate about helping older adults gain their best functional mobility and quality of life.

About Raj’s Bigger Vision:

My vision and passion for helping older adults around the world is: www.seniorcitizenwellbeing.com

I promise to provide the exceptional one-on-one care you deserve.

Dr. Raj Pusuluri, PT, DPT
PHYSICAL THERAPIST: Strength, Balance, and Mobility Expert. Visit my home page: hwypt.clinic



Highway to Your Wellness

Are you looking for the best physical therapy services that put you, the patient, at the center of care? Look no further than HWY Physical Therapy.

Our patient-centric approach means receiving one-on-one attention and personalized treatment plans in Our Clinic in Salem Oregon or in the comfort of your home in and around Salem. 

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Physical Therapy - Conditions I Treat

All Orthopedic Conditions

All Neurological Conditions

Acute/Chronic Pain

Muscle weakness

Gait Abnormalities

Stair training

Falls/Balance problems

Postural Education

Home Evaluations/Visits

Joint Replacement Rehab

Health Maintenance

And More...

I promise to provide the exceptional one-on-one care you deserve.